Looking for an expat-friendly Dutch notary for all your legal questions?


Westport Notarissen is an internationally oriented notary firm that specializes in services for expats who live and work in the Netherlands. You can contact our Expat Desk for any inquiries, spanning from private issues to business affairs.


We speak your language

Providing you with the best service is of vital importance to us. That is why we will do our utmost best to discuss and make the right arrangements, with and for you, in a language you understand. We are able to help you in English, among other languages. Most of the relevant documents are also available in English. We are able to arrange for documents to be professionally translated or for a qualified interpreter to be present during your meeting with us.


    Weena 798a
    3014 DA Rotterdam

    P.O. Box 1330
    3000 BH Rotterdam

    Travel directions

    Galgepad 21
    2671 MV Naaldwijk

    P.O. Box 70
    2670 AB Naaldwijk

    Travel directions

    Telephone number: +(31)85-0133600
    E-mail: info@westportnotarissen.nl