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Everyone should feel at home with us. Irrespective of whether it concerns real estate law, family and inheritance law or corporate law.

Family & inheritance law

Are you going to get married, live together, or do you want everything properly taken care of when you pass away?

Our family & inheritance law department will help you with all your personal matters. From the settlement of estates, drawing up your prenuptial agreement, cohabitation agreement or will to estate planning.

family & inheritance

Corporate law

Are you running a company abroad? Or are you planning to incorporate a company in the Netherlands?

We are at your service, both nationally and internationally, with our legal specialisation. Our corporate law department has a broad specialist knowledge, ranging from international takeover practices to amendment of statutes.


Real estate law

Do you want to buy a house or an apartment? Or do you wish to (re)finance your home?

We can provide you with advice and assistance when going through the process of buying your new dream home. Our real estate department can draft the deed of execution, the deed of mortgage and, if required, the purchase agreement.

Real estate

here for you

We move with the dynamics of the world around us, are at the forefront of new technology and applications. We always anticipate change yet continue to focus on personal contacts and the interests of you, our client. We want to be a partner for families, companies, entrepreneurs, institutions and authorities.


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