Ambition. Focus. Risk taker. You are a true entrepreneur. We are at your service, nationally and internationally, with our legal specialisation.

Our Corporate Law department has a broad specialist knowledge, ranging from international takeover practices to agricultural (horticultural) law.


legalisation and apostilles

It often happens that you must legalise your signature for a foreign transaction.

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mergers and takeovers

A merger or takeover is generally a far-reaching event.

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family businesses

A family business is often about more than just doing business and making money.

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business succession

Our involvement in business succession processes consists of providing legal and strategic advice and, of course, drawing up all related…

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international cooperation

Our international practice is also engaged by foreign civil-law notaries and lawyers.

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restructuring and reorganisation

A restructuring or structural change is initiated for various reasons.

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financing and securities

Refinancing your business or ending the financing of your company?

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legal entities and structures

Which one is most suitable for you? We will be happy to advise you on this.

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joint ventures

You are considering collaborating with another party.

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cross-border transactions

We have extensive experience and know-how in the field of cross-border transactions.

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Governance is defined as 'the exercise of policy, control, power, rules and principles of organisations'.

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corporate housekeeping

It is most likely commonplace: as a large company you have many companies that need to be managed.

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