Corporate law

Are you looking to start your own business in the Netherlands or open up your current business to the Netherlands as well? A Dutch Notary often makes arrangements for and advises on the incorporation of legal persons such as private and public companies, as well as the establishment of cooperatives, associations, foundations and partnerships. Our team can provide you with such advice and arrangements, regardless of the national or international character of your legal matters.
Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • the incorporation of companies; and/or
  • an amendment of the articles of association.


In the Netherlands, starting a business or setting up a charitable foundation is relatively easy. However, it is important that you are well advised on the possibilities and risks of undertaking such an endeavour.

At Westport Notarissen, we can inform you which legal entity will be best suited to your needs and what steps are required to incorporate such an entity. Also, we are able to explain to you which risks are related to acting as a board member or shareholder. While advising you on this, we also keep our focus on taxation, governance and the possible requirement for a separate shareholders’ agreement (and whether such agreements between shareholders ought to be visible to third parties). We can also advise you on the way in which you can best protect your private assets (and your partner’s/spouse’s assets) against business risks.

If needed, we are also able to work with your accountant or tax advisor when dealing with matters relating to a legal entity and ensure that all required deeds, articles of association and agreements are prepared properly. A notification of any duties performed by us will be lodged at the Chamber of Commerce and the UBO register. You needn’t confirm any changes to the details mentioned at the Chamber of Commerce, as we will do that for you.

Contact or advise

Please contact us for other aspects of business law as well, such as (cross-border) mergers, demergers (split-offs), joint ventures and amendments to your company’s articles of association.