Notarizing your will: we are your trusted advisor

Understanding the local legal landscape is crucial, especially when it comes to securing your future and protecting your assets through a will. Whether you’re settling in for the long haul or just for a few years, knowing that your will is legally sound provides peace of mind. Imagine a scenario where, without warning, you need to ensure that your family is taken care of according to your wishes. This is where a will becomes your safety net, and Westport Notarissen stands ready as your trusted advisor in notarizing your will.

Why do you need a notarized will?

Notarizing a will in the Netherlands isn’t just a legal formality; it’s a step towards safeguarding your intentions and ensuring that they are respected and executed as you would want. Here are a few reasons why you should consider notarizing your will with a professional notary:

  • Legal validity: A notarized will has a stronger standing in court, helping prevent disputes among heirs, as it is a legal necessity in the Netherlands to have a notary create a will for you.
  • Clarity and precision: Notaries ensure your will is clear and all terms are legally accurate, preventing potential misunderstandings.
  • Confidentiality: Notaries maintain strict confidentiality, ensuring that the details of your will are private until the necessary time.
  • Guidance and advice: Notaries provide expert advice on complex legal matters, tailored to expats’ specific needs.

Types of wills

In the Netherlands, several types of wills cater to different personal circumstances and preferences. Understanding these can help you choose the one that best fits your situation:

  • Holographic will: A handwritten will that must meet specific legal standards to be considered valid.
  • Notarial will: Drafted and notarized by a notary, this is the most common and secure type.
  • International will: Suitable for expats, this notarized will is recognized internationally and adheres to special regulations.

Each type comes with specific requirements and legal implications, which Westport Notarissen can explain in detail.

What should a notarized will cover?

A standard will typically addresses the following key aspects:

  • Asset distribution: Specifies how your assets are divided among heirs.
  • Guardianship: If applicable, who will take care of your minor children.
  • Executor: Who will execute the will and manage the estate until its final distribution.

Beyond these basics, your will can include various provisions to suit your unique needs, from trusts for your children to donations to charity. At Westport Notarissen, we don’t just draft your documents; we ensure they reflect your intentions and provide comprehensive protection for your loved ones.

frequently asked questions

Does a will have to be notarized if I already have one in my home country?
It depends on the nature of your assets and your specific circumstances. Westport Notarissen can help determine if a Dutch will is necessary or if your current will is sufficient.

Can I change my will once it’s notarized?
Yes, you can update your will any time as your circumstances change. Our notaries can assist you with the necessary amendments.

How does having a will affect my taxes in the Netherlands?
A will can influence inheritance tax implications. We can provide guidance on how to optimize tax outcomes.

Get a will in the Netherlands with our help

At Westport Notarissen, we understand the complexities expats face when dealing with estate planning in a foreign country. Our tailored approach ensures that your will not only meets all legal requirements but also aligns with your personal circumstances and goals.

Ready to take the next step? Contact us today to ensure your peace of mind for tomorrow. Let us help you secure your legacy in the Netherlands.