International notary in the Netherlands: we are your trusted advisor

Are you looking for an English-speaking international notary in the Netherlands who knows how to handle international legal issues? Look no further!

Our expat-friendly and internationally oriented notary firm has the right experience to provide you with the assistance needed in a wide range of international legal subjects, such as: 

  • the incorporation of limited liability companies;
  • the creation of wills and pre- or post-nuptial agreements;
  • the transfer of real estate; and
  • the notarization of documents and signatures. 

Let us assist you in finding solutions to your international legal and notarial issues.

As an international notary firm, we help you in all legal matters

Our notary firm can help you in a wide variety of legal and notarial subjects. Below, a non-limitative list is mentioned of some of the duties we perform.

  1. Corporate law

We facilitate and offer guidance on the formation of legal entities, including both private and public corporations, as well as the creation of: 

  • cooperatives; 
  • associations; 
  • foundations; and 
  • partnerships. 

For instance, we are here to tell you how to establish a private limited company and we are ready you assist you with the procedure for the transfer of shares in a private limited company

Our notaries are also involved in:

  • modifying articles of incorporation;
  • managing business succession; 
  • overseeing the merger, division, and transfer of companies;
  • handling the buying, cancelling, and pledging of shares; and 
  • issuing depositary receipts for shares.
  1. Real estate law

The transaction involving the acquisition and disposal of real estate, also known as immovable property, is an intricate procedure. Financial institutions will grant a mortgage loan solely after an individual has become the legal owner of the residence or apartment. Nevertheless, the seller will only be willing to transfer ownership of the property if assured of receiving the payment. 

Additionally, the transfer of the property’s purchase price from one bank to another must be executed seamlessly. Our notaries play a central role in guiding both the seller and buyer through the entire process and ensuring the formal recording of all agreements. 

This entails the preparation of the following international notary documents by us as an international notary firm:

  • agreements of sale and purchase stating the mutually agreed terms between the buyer and seller regarding the price, date, and any subsequent conditions;
  • deeds of transfer/conveyance of title; and
  • mortgage deeds documenting that the property serves as collateral for the bank-provided mortgage.

In addition to overseeing the purchase and sale of the property, our notaries also coordinate foreclosure sales through public auction and handle the formal procedures for subdividing ownership of a building, such as when a house is partitioned into multiple rights of apartment.

Though all deeds that need to be recorded in the Dutch Land Register have to be in Dutch, correspondence between our firm and our clients can be in English, as well as the language during the signing of all deeds.

  1. Family law and estate planning

Our notaries also perform the following duties relating to family law and estate planning matters, among other duties:

  • Wills: Clients can create a will to specify the inheritance distribution upon their demise;
  • Custody: Parents can document who will assume responsibility for their children if any unforeseen events occur to them as persons with parental authority;
  • Pre- and post-nuptial agreements or partnership agreement: Couples entering marriage or a registered partnership can stipulate which property regime should apply to them;
  • Donations: The formal recording of specific gifts in a notarial document can provide advantages for both the donor and the recipient, although it is not obligatory; and
  • Estate settlement: In the event of a death, our notaries can advise and guide the heirs on options for accepting or declining an inheritance. Our notaries can also oversee the distribution of the deceased’s assets and possessions among the heirs in accordance with the will.

All deeds mentioned above, as well as the correspondence pertaining to these deeds, can be created in the English language. The language during the signing of the deeds could also be English.

frequently asked questions

Below, we have listed a few frequently asked questions by individuals who contact us. 

What services do we provide for expats as an internationally oriented notary firm?

We are able to provide all of our international notary services in the English language and in one of the other languages we speak. If there are no statutory hurdles, we are also able to create all documents in the English language.

Could we as a Dutch notary firm also help you with international matters?

Yes, we can! We namely possess over the knowledge to assist you in matters that is either started abroad or matters that relate to the Netherlands as well as another country. This could, for example, be the settlement of a deceased person’s estate with assets located in the Netherlands as well as assets located abroad.

Do all notarial deeds have to be in Dutch?

Not all deeds have to be in Dutch. They can also be drafted in another language, insofar as the notary and the client understand this other language. Transfer deeds and mortgage deeds will always have to be in Dutch, though. It is a requirement by Dutch law to have such deeds recorded in Dutch in the Land Register of the Netherlands (Kadaster).

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