Looking for an English speaking Dutch notary? We are your resident notary firm!

Are you looking for an expat-friendly and English-speaking notary in the Netherlands to have your legal matters arranged in a carefree way? Our firm has the right experience to provide you with the needed assistance in a wide range of legal subjects, such as pre- or post-nuptial agreements, real estate transfers and the notarization of documents and signatures.

Let us assist you in finding solutions to your issues or by preventing any unnecessary burdens from arising.

Notarial deeds in English

One of the prime duties of a Dutch notary is to legally record agreements and declarations in a deed. By law, a number of documents are required to be recorded as such. Only then are they valid. These documents are inter alia:

  • pre- or post-nuptial agreements;
  • last wills and testaments;
  • transfer deeds and mortgage deeds relating to real estate; and
  • transfer deeds relating to shares in a limited liability company.

Notarizations in English: we are your assisting notary!

Furthermore, a notary can notarize signatures on a particular document. This could be needed, for instance:

  • if a deceased person’s estate is being settled by a notary who is not located near you; or
  • if you are selling a house and cannot or do not want to be present in person during the execution of the transfer deed.

Notarization means that a notary establishes:

  • that you are indeed signing the document yourself and not somebody else on your behalf or somebody who is pretending to be you; and
  • that you are signing the document without being forced to do so.

By appearing in person in the presence of a notary or one of the staff members, no disagreement can arise afterwards about the authenticity of your signature and the risk of misuse is greatly reduced.

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English speaking notary near me: we speak your language

Principally, notarial deeds can be drawn up in the English language. An exception to this principle is that certain deeds have to be Dutch, such as transfer deeds and mortgage deeds. However, notarizations can always be arranged in English (or another language the notary and the client understand).

You may find it cumbersome to converse with Dutch notaries. Or perhaps you do not fully understand the contents of the documents they create for you. This does not apply to us, though. As an internationally oriented notary firm, Westport Notarissen possesses over years of experience in providing expat clients with advice on many legal topics. We take pride in the fact that we are able to advise and prepare everything for you in English. The appointment for the signing of the deeds in question as well as the notarization of your signature could also take place in the English language, among other languages we can speak. We will not have to arrange a translator or an interpreter.

Therefore, we would be of service to you:

  • in relation to a wide variety of legal topics;
  • entirely in English or another language we speak; and
  • without the presence of an interpreter or translator being needed.

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frequently asked questions

Below, we have listed a few frequently asked questions by individuals who contact us.

What is a notary (notaris) in the Netherlands?

A notary in the Netherlands is not to be confused with a notary public in common law countries, such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia. Dutch notaries are university-educated experts in Dutch and international law who provide legal advice and see that their client’s affairs are properly arranged. One of the most important tasks of Dutch notaries is to record agreements in notarial acts called deeds, to keep these deeds stored safely and to issue certified copies of them to persons who are entitled to a certified copy.

Could the notarization of my signature on a document also be in English?

Yes, we can also issue an English declaration of legalisation. The language used could also be another language than English, as long as the notary and the client involved understand it.

Do all notarial deeds have to be in Dutch?

No, not all deeds have to be in Dutch. They can also be created in a different language, as long as the notary and client understand this other language. Transfer deeds and mortgage deeds do, however, have to be in Dutch, as it is a requirement by Dutch law to have such deeds recorded in Dutch in the Netherlands’ Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency (Kadaster).

English notarization: arranging a meeting with Westport Notarissen

We would be happy to lend you a hand in all Dutch and international legal matters.

We can be of assistance to you:

  • in relation to a very wide range of legal subjects;
  • entirely in the English language or another language we speak;
  • without the presence of a interpreter or a translator; and
  • for the drawing up of notarial documents in English.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on any legal topic and to schedule an exploratory appointment. During this appointment, we can precisely determine what is needed to be done in your case.