In your will, you appoint your heirs and set out how your estate must be divided after your death. A will is a notarial document. If you do not draw up a will, the law determines who your heirs are.

You designate your heirs in your will. You can also state which heirs you want to disinherit by law. For the settlement of your estate, you appoint an executor. An additional advantage is that a will, in some circumstances, can be used to save on the inheritance tax to be paid by heirs.

In the Netherlands, only the civil law notary can draw up your will. In an initial meeting, we can discuss your desires. You will receive a draft from us. After that, we can schedule a meeting for the signing of the will in our presence.

As a notary firm with a family law practice,  we can, apart from creating your will, also be of service to you in other areas, such as the settlement of estates and the drafting of your cohabitation agreement, pre- or post-nuptial agreements, partnership agreements, and many other deeds.


Please note

The following is important to know:

  • You cannot make a will together with your partner. You both make your own will.
  • Would you like to ensure that your minor children are well taken care for if left behind? Include a provision in (both of) your wills() in which you state that who should be your children’s legal guardian during their minority.

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